Adam Stuart Littman, MA, RM, IARP

I feel it is my calling to use my unique gifts to help people who are faced with unique difficulties. The need for metaphysical help is most often unexpected and can be very frightening to those who have never before experienced such things. I make it my mission to be the person you can talk with when you are faced with an experience that makes you doubt that there actually is anyone you can talk with about it. I've been in your shoes and I can help.

My rates are reasonable for all services and based on the time commitment required to complete the needed service(s) in a thorough and professional manner. For services that require home visits, travel time is calculated and considered part of the overall time requirement. I do utilize a required minimum time scale dependent on the service requested. Emergency situations and situations involving a threat to children are always negotiable.

My client list is growing rapidly and includes Reiki Masters, businesses, private residences, and distance healing work. I am rapidly developing a reputation for being the practitioner that other practitioners contact with their metaphysical needs.

I refer to myself as a "Metaphysical Practitioner" rather than simply a Psychic, a Medium, a Light Worker, an Energy Healer, a Regressive, or an Oracular intuitive. While I am all of these things, I believe that my gifts come from a connection to my true ethereal self. My connection was the result of a physical illness in my early teens, or the illness was the result of the connection. Either way, we all have a physical and an ethereal self. What sets me apart is that while I have many gifts, some of them quite rare, I respect the fact that everyone has the potential to manifest these gifts and more. I also respect that not everyone needs or is ready to hear what I could share with them at any given moment. I respect peoples privacy and boundaries.

I find that using my gifts to help people, in a way that is unique to me, fulfills me in ways I can't begin to describe. I especially love that sometimes I get to help children (both living and non-living) find a place of safety.

I continue to study Reiki in search of additional treatment modalities. I constantly seek to improve in order to be of greatest service to my clients. I am a Reiki Master and a member of the International Association Of Reiki Professionals. I am also working toward my doctorate in Metaphysical Science.



  1. *Reiki Healing  & Classes

  2. Ethereal Connection Readings

  3. Site Specific Medium Work

  4. Past Life Exploration

  5. Metaphysical Counseling

  6. Negative Entity Assistance

  7. Psychic Self-Defense Training

  8. Chakra Measuring & Balancing

  9. Oracular Intuitive

*Member, International Association of Reiki Professionals

About me

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“If you never  follow your true path, you deny yourself both journey and destination.”